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Software Development DemoDays is opportunity to

  • meet with other developers
  • hear presentation from technology creators from Europe, USA and other countries
  • demo your own solution, framework, app etc

Event are expected to be bi-lingual: in English and national language.

Yes DemoDays term may be too generic, so here is some tags: Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Design, Architecture, SQl, NoSQL, BDD, DDD, platform, framework, JDK, Eclipse, modeling

Don't expect them all to be. Actually it is speaker idea what to present, and we are not so strict.

The best event is to have several tracks so that attendees could select the most interesting topics.

Why to have event on the same day? Because ...

Time Topic Presenter Description
Expected MongoDB Roman Alexis Anastasini is a cross-platform document-oriented database system. Classified as a "NoSQL" database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas
Expected Eclipse Android Trent Hoepner
Expected New Eclipse IDE Paul Verest Putting users first for Eclipse platform.
Expected Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies | 使用模型驱动技术实现图形编辑器 by ), --remote (English & 中文) Andreas Graf (戈安迪), Eclipse is not only used as a platform for software engineering, but also for systems engineering. A number of graphical notations for these disciplines exists, but especially for the newest approaches graphical editors are few (EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR). In this talk we will show how we used model driven technologies (Xtext, Xtend) to efficiently create a number of graphical editors based on Graphiti. The technology implemented in the IMES research project is a good demonstration on how custom DSLs improve your development process. Six different graphical editors are all concisely described with a domain specific language (different from the Spray! project), making refactoring, bug fixing and implementation of new features very efficient.